The Alcazar of Seville is one of the oldest royal palaces still in use in the world. A palace that has lived through different eras, from the late eleventh century to the modern day, and whose walls have stood watch as a host of contrasting cultures left their prints on the city of Seville as they passed.

The Alcazar bears faithful testimony to the history of Seville, a city moulded by a great diversity of cultures and the legacies they have left behind. Take a stroll through the palace paths, in the shade of the orange and myrtle trees, and you’ll be taken back to another time, another place – an era which has, undoubtedly, shaped the course of our city’s history.

This website allows you to get a glimpse of the Alcazar, conveying some of its essence through pictures, inviting anyone with an interest to come and see the palace’s gardens and halls and hear the many legends and stories about the events that have taken place within its walls.

I invite you to take a walk through history and discover each corner of this architectural wonder. It may not be easy to fully appreciate the beauty and the secrets of this palace, but I am convinced that this web page goes a long way in showing us how the Alcazar has always acted as a mirror of the city’s passage through time.