XXIV Cycle of Concerts: Nights in the Gardens of the Royal Alcazar.

From June 22nd to September 16th, from Monday to Saturday, you can enjoy the concerts of the twenty-fourth edition of NIGHTS IN THE GARDENS OF THE ROYAL ALCAZAR in Seville. There are 75 nights to enjoy, discover, and be moved by flamenco, European roots music, diverse world music, classical music, ancient music, jazz, and other genres, in the gardens of the oldest continuously inhabited European palace.


NIGHTS IN THE GARDENS OF THE ROYAL ALCAZAR in Seville has become a musical reference and a classic event during the summers in Seville, with an audience that shows increasing interest and loyalty year after year, confirmed by high levels of satisfaction.


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Exhibition “The pillars of our culture. East and West in the illuminated codices from the 14th to the 16th centuries

From April 20 to May 24, in the Sala Cantarera of the Gothic Palace you can visit the exhibition of Editorial Moleiro. Access through the Puerta del León with the entrance of the Real Alcázar. From 09.30 to 19.00.


This exhibition is a trip to the pillars of our culture. It brings together about thirty illuminated codices, made between the 12th and 16th centuries, which are the fundamental basis of knowledge, customs and scientific progress in Western culture. In this conglomerate of knowledge, the links and influences between East and West played an essential role.

The Real Alcázar of Seville, especially representative of the cultural richness of Andalusia, which includes artistic jewels from historical periods of Muslim and Christian domination, is a unique setting for the exhibition.

My Winter Palace

Disfruta de las distintas actividades culturales y educativas centradas en la figura de Magallanes, dado que durante 2019 celebramos el 500 aniversario de la Primera Vuelta al Mundo de la Historia.