1º Rules and conditions

For requesting free visits to the Alcazar with prior booking, specifically for nursery schools, primary and secondary schools, colleges and educational institutions:

One of the Board of the Alcazar of Seville’s most important objectives is to promote and spread knowledge about the compound of monuments under its management. This is a compound of extraordinary historical, artistic and cultural importance, not to mention the weight it carries today as a Royal Palace still in use, an extension of the Town Hall of Seville, and a World Heritage Site since 1987.

In order to promote knowledge, the Alcazar’s Ordinance for Regulating Fees for services and visits states that admission shall be free for students up to 16 years of age, and, with a view to further promoting the educational community’s access to knowledge about our Cultural Heritage, we have set up an Activity Unit, whose purpose, amongst others, is to organize advance booking visits for nursery, primary and secondary schools.
There is no time or itinerary limit for these visits.

Permits can be obtained from 09:45 to 16:30 from October to March, from 09:45 to 18:30 from April to September, seven days a week.
In the event that the Seville Alcazar should, by virtue of its position as Royal Residence and Town Hall, have to shut its doors with little or no prior warning, for security reasons or for the performance of an official act, groups with advance bookings will be forced to postpone or cancel their visits.

Terms and conditions for booking and the booking request form can be found below:

1. Representatives of nursery, primary and secondary schools interested in visiting must send their request a minimum of three weeks ahead, either from the school’s official email address, by fax or by post:
Fax: 954 50 20 68
Address: Patronato del Real Alcazar de Sevilla. Unidad de Actividades. Patio de Bandeas, s/n. 41004, Sevilla

2. The application must clearly indicate:
Name of the school
Name of the teacher in charge
Email, phone or fax contact
Number of students in the group
Number of accompanying teachers
Date and time of requested visit.

3. School bookings cannot be made by phone.
4. The maximum number of visitors per group is 50, and we recommend a minimum teacher-pupil ratio of one to fifteen.
5. Once a date and time has been arranged, the Activities Unit will send the school an AUTHORIZATION with all the information required for free admission to the compound. This authorization must be presented upon arrival in its original state; any amendments and/or deletions will render it invalid.

6. Applications from third parties will not be considered. Applications must be made by the school itself.

7. The entrance for these visits is through the Puerta de la Alcoba, located on the corner between Jardínes de Murillo (Jardínes de Catalina de Ribera) and San Fernando street. Punctuality is recommended upon arrival, since the door is expressly opened for each school at the appointed time, and remains closed at all other times.

2 º Visits for other Educational Institutions

There are two ways to visit the monuments:
a) Without prior booking: Groups without prior booking may use the same entrance as members of the general public, at the Lion’s Gate, under the following conditions:
1. Students up to 16 years of age (free admission):
– Presenting an official sealed letter from the educational institution with a list of names, surnames and ages of the students visiting the monument .
– The letter must include the name of the teacher in charge of the group.
– Any accompanying teachers and other adults who are neither born nor resident in Seville must pay the price (€9.50) stipulated in the First Rate of the Ordinance Regulating Fees for Services and Visits in the Seville Alcazar.
2. Students from 17-25 years of age (inclusive). Discounted Admission Rate (€2.00):
– In order to obtain this discount, each student between 17 and 25 years of age must show student identification card with photo, name, surname, age, and course .
b) With prior booking: Anyone (not just educational institutions) may book through our or by phone: 902 559386. There is a one euro surcharge for this option, to be added to the prices stated above to cover administrative costs, the advantage being that you can enter at a fixed time without having to wait or queue up to get in.
Guides are not provided, and you are welcome to hire your own official city guide.

3º Educational Material designed for nursery education

The Faculty of Geography and History at the University of Seville (Department of Art History Course “Andalusian Art in Early Childhood Education” from 2012 to 2013) has teamed up with the Board of Seville Alcazar to provide a set of innovative teaching materials for the educational community, aiming to make nursery school visits to the Seville Alcazar educational, fun and participative. You will find these materials here below. Covering everything from class preparation before the visit to different routes and stories, these teaching materials are designed to unlock the doors of Seville Alcazar for 3- to 5-year-old children and help them to discover one of the world’s most interesting and complex monuments. Welcome!

Document in pdf and zip formats. Click on the links to open in a new window or right-click and select “Download Linked File As …” to download the files to your computer.
1. Introduction and Development. PDF 1MB
2. Itineraries and activities. PDF 70MB
3. Stories. Compressed zip file 26MB
4. Evaluation. Annex for teachers. PDF 75KB
List of authors: Irene Crespillo, Daniel Del Valle, Laura Falcomer Rocio Franco, Yolanda Gamez, Blanca Lopez, Ana Isabel Melero, Sara Montilla, Teba Maria Nieto, Laura Sánchez, Natalia Sousa, Silvia Stefani and Rule Vargas.

Coordinators: Carmen Rodriguez Serrano, BA in Art History, Professor and Researcher in Education of the University of Seville; and Manuel Rivero Varas, Doctor and Professor of the University of Seville.